Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fist of the Fomorian


A long steel handle, terminated with a simple steel ring, comprises one half of this bludgeoning weapon. The femur of a large humanoid comprises the other, promising to crush limbs and break bones with ease.


[CULTURE] folklore tells of a degenerate man of unnatural size who terrorized villagers with his bulk and strength. After months of brutal rampages, the giant was seriously wounded. Refusing to let the injured brute flee, a single warrior tracked him through the jungle to a deep cave. Individual tales vary as to what transpired in the cave, but all agree that in the end the warrior emerged with the giant's severed leg slung over his shoulder. As the stories tell it, it is from this leg that the fist of the fomorian was crafted.


You walk with a distinctive limp, even when not suffering from any sort of impediment.

Fist of the Fomorian (5e)

Weapon (mace), rare (requires attunement)
The fist of the fomorian has the Versatile (1d8) property, even when it is not attuned.

When you hit with an attack using this magic weapon, the target must succeed at a DC 14 Constitution saving throw or have disadvantage on ability checks, saving throws, and attacks based on Strength and Dexterity until the target finishes a short rest, or a long rest if the weapon was used two-handed.

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